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--'ed ya (Check's in the mail
Tweet: Apparently my blog is the hottest real estate blog in the city! Thanks Google, Luv ya---Check's in the mail
--'ed lists (and cell phone #'s too??)
Tweet: doing annoying things today...does anyone know the #'s to re-register for do not call lists---and cell phone #'s too??
--'ed saying (even tho ur not "saying" anything.)
Tweet: @pkitano ...interesting. very interesting. learning....hearing what ur saying----even tho ur not "saying" anything.
--'ed week (than ever! thanks!)
Tweet: been following @tboard 's advice all week about the egg timer. Got more done this week---than ever! thanks!
--'ed yet (LOL)
Tweet: #rets sounds like something they don't have a cure for yet----LOL
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