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--'ed yesterday (Obama's Blame Czar is now George W. Bush.)
Tweet: RT @juliarygaard: Heard this yesterday--Obama's Blame Czar is now George W. Bush.
--'ed carnegie (>
Tweet: RT @ProfessionalOne: I read these quotes every few days, and think "thank God for Dale Carnegie"-->
--'ed snacks (noisey packaging AND noisey crunch! *sigh*)
Tweet: Oh no. I tweeted about my wife opening noisy snacks. Now her sister is here & has NOISER snacks--noisey packaging AND noisey crunch! *sigh*
--'ed school (86 years old today!)
Tweet: Happy Birthday to the Stony Brook School--86 years old today!
--'ed sameach (a Happy Passover everyone!)
Tweet: "Chag Pesach Sameach"-- a Happy Passover everyone!
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