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--'ed twitter-connect (it ends up filling up my feed.)
Tweet: Hey @lazyfeed - I need a way to block certain tags (like #fb, for example) from twitter/connect-- it ends up filling up my feed.
++'ed humidity
Tweet: The post-rain sun is making my fence steam like a creepy halloween effect. Also, while its supposedly 45F, it feels like 60F... humidity++
--'ed suck (ahh uplifting music!!!)
Tweet: "I wrote this song about you, just you let you know, that I hate your guts, and I think.. you suck"-- ahh uplifting music!!!
--'ed apple
Tweet: IPhone 2.1 update is making ITunes backup even *SLOWER*. Um. Apple--
++'ed therazorblade () --
Tweet: WOO!! OAuth non-assert now signed and official by all contributors (@therazorblade++) --
++'ed nascar (!)
Tweet: Doh, I forgot - there was a hot tub in the townhouse complex I lived in until about 1 1/2 yrs ago. I used it a lot. But NASCAR++ !
++'ed perspective
Tweet: I love hearing local news from around the world - helps you tune into what is common about humanity (good and bad). Perspective++
++'ed paris (I personally can't decide between Hawaii and Paris - sounds like you will have done both. JEALOUS.)
Tweet: @missrogue - Paris++ I personally can't decide between Hawaii and Paris - sounds like you will have done both. JEALOUS.
++'ed unemployment-by-choice
Tweet: How come being not employed feels so good and makes me so busy? unemployment-by-choice++
++'ed uhaul
Tweet: uhaul's boxes are covered with notices to *reuse* and not just *recycle* uhaul++
++'ed openid (Because nobody has yet!)
Tweet: openid++ Because nobody has yet!
++'ed plusplusbot (Its about time!)
Tweet: plusplusbot++ Its about time!
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