goldman (who is at +1) has ++'ed 4 times and --'ed 2 times about 6 things.
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++'ed (So cool! And hooray for video uploads.)
Tweet: So cool! And hooray for video uploads.
++'ed (goldman is more popular than gold)
Tweet: goldman is more popular than gold
--'ed grammar (I no speak good anymore)
Tweet: grammar-- I no speak good anymore
--'ed soychai (I blaming you for all my woes.)
Tweet: soychai-- I blaming you for all my woes.
++'ed plusplusbot (I want marry a robot.)
Tweet: plusplusbot++ I want marry a robot.
++'ed lost (the charlie stuff was good.)
Tweet: lost++ the charlie stuff was good.
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-1 grammar
-1 soychai
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1 plusplusbot
1 lost