fayaz has ++'ed 11 times and --'ed 2 times about 12 things.
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Target Operation Sign, User and Reason
++'ed quotably (it's really great!)
Tweet: quotably++ it's really great!
++'ed amarok (It really rocks!!!)
Tweet: Amarok++ It really rocks!!!
++'ed amarok (Very good integration with internet services!!)
Tweet: amarok++ Very good integration with internet services!!
++'ed heroes (Too cool!!)
Tweet: Heroes++ Too cool!!
++'ed yahoo (Yahoo!!)
Tweet: Yahoo++ Yahoo!!
++'ed grudge (Both parts really horrifying!!)
Tweet: grudge++ Both parts really horrifying!!
--'ed adobe (because it sucks!!)
Tweet: adobe-- because it sucks!!
--'ed wayn (It's too boring!!)
Tweet: WAYN-- It's too boring!!
++'ed twitter (because its so exciting!!)
Tweet: Twitter++ because its so exciting!!
++'ed chocolates (Yummy!!!)
Tweet: chocolates++ Yummy!!!
++'ed limpbizkit (They're great!!)
Tweet: LimpBizkit++ They're great!!
++'ed gmail (Its so neat & clean!!)
Tweet: gmail++ Its so neat & clean!!
++'ed lastfm (for keeping up their good work...)
Tweet: lastfm++ for keeping up their good work...
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-1 adobe
-1 wayn
Score Target
2 amarok
1 gmail
1 heroes
1 lastfm
1 quotably
1 limpbizkit
1 yahoo
1 chocolates
1 twitter
1 grudge