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--'ed follow (Open Stack + good ux!
Tweet: RT @jsmarr: yay, just launched hybrid openid+oauth signup for Plaxo; live with Google more 2 follow--Open Stack + good ux!
--'ed 8 (The Musical if you haven't yet. Brilliant: #noonprop8)
Tweet: RT @brynn: It really is worth watching Prop 8--The Musical if you haven't yet. Brilliant: #noonprop8
--'ed zipcar
Tweet: Note to self: when using the ZipCar mobile site & your reservations fail with no error, it could be that your credit card expired. ZipCar--
++'ed automation (!)
Tweet: Creating auto-forwarding rules to send flight confirmations to TripIt. Automation++!
++'ed svg (!
Tweet: Thrilled with Safari 3.1 improvements: CSS 3 web fonts, transforms & transitions, HTML 5 audio/video tags, SVG++!
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