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Tweet: Anyone ever use Slingbox before? I am watching Numbers live in China from the US--among others--and the stream is awesome. ...
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Tweet: but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been open for us."-- Helen Keller
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Tweet: I'm working on the election book list. @AlohaArleen has been helping us-- we're supporting her in the Shortys; can you? http://bit.ly/JMWQ
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Tweet: 2008 Paris Auto Show Preview: The 2008 Paris Auto Show is upon us--or, rather, TheCarConnection.. http://tinyurl.com/54cfxl
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Tweet: @WarrenWhitlock come on over to the dark side with us--buy a Mac!
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Tweet: us++ because we rock so hard.
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Tweet: えっと、着うた!?がそんな大きなネタになるもんか? US--
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