"sleep" (who is also a user on Twitter) has been ++'ed 20 times and --'ed 3 times by a total of 15 people.
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++'ed by dstan
Tweet: sleepy, maybe i'm gonna get some sleep... ciao..! sleep++
--'ed by starbelfire (because i can't snuggle with my man)
Tweet: sleep-- because i can't snuggle with my man
--'ed by starbelfire (i can't get any!!!)
Tweet: sleep-- i can't get any!!!
--'ed by chasyaldora (for being a tease.)
Tweet: sleep-- for being a tease. wakefulness-- for being an enabler of sleep's teasing. (plusplusbot.com)
++'ed by starbelfire (because it's much needed)
Tweet: sleep++ because it's much needed
++'ed by chasyaldora (i heart it.)
Tweet: sleep++ i heart it.
++'ed by sevans59 (time 4 it)
Tweet: sleep++ time 4 it
++'ed by starbelfire (I need it)
Tweet: sleep++ I need it
++'ed by govie
Tweet: gonna take a sleep++
++'ed by sevans59 (because yes)
Tweet: sleep++ because yes
++'ed by twixded
Tweet: It looks like im gonna get a full nights sleep++
++'ed by dbMe (sounds good right now!)
Tweet: sleep++ sounds good right now!
++'ed by starbelfire (because I need it)
Tweet: sleep++ because I need it
++'ed by misc2 (!)
Tweet: sleep helps. i highly recommend it. sleep++!
++'ed by starbelfire (because its free and sometimes I get some)
Tweet: Sleep++ because its free and sometimes I get some
++'ed by guyernest
Tweet: and again sleep++
++'ed by abramiles
Tweet: sleep++
++'ed by k1mb3rly (because it rocks!!!)
Tweet: Sleep++ because it rocks!!!
++'ed by Ree (for fixing things better than caffeine)
Tweet: sleep++ for fixing things better than caffeine
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