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Operation Sign, User and Reason
--'ed by angelchrys (it amuses me to unreasonable levels: http://www.bitchmakemeasandwich.com/)
Tweet: Haha...forgot about this site--it amuses me to unreasonable levels: http://www.bitchmakemeasandwich.com/
--'ed by lonniehodge (for as long as it lasts http://zendlife.info/)
Tweet: Another Wall jumping Proxy site-- for as long as it lasts http://zendlife.info/
--'ed by paulawhite (http:huneycutt.biz ties to VA SOL #educhat)
Tweet: our school not only uses games to teach, but our ITRT maintains an incredible site--http:huneycutt.biz ties to VA SOL #educhat
--'ed by skalik (DM4deets)
Tweet: lots going on on with clients: 1 is running a contest 4 a flip minoHD, another is pre-launch looking 4 art submissions 4 UGC site--DM4deets