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--'ed by teamsoteria (His name is Jesus #Jesus #God #faith #christian #pray #ilovejesus #fb)
Tweet: RT @blckeyesredlips: There are not many paths to God. Just one--His name is Jesus #Jesus #God #faith #christian #pray #ilovejesus #fb
--'ed by jefftippett (but wonder if I should wait. *sigh*)
Tweet: I wish I knew just how true the rumors are for the new Mac Mini. I want to buy one--but wonder if I should wait. *sigh*
--'ed by FLWbooks (lots of folks tweeting it.)
Tweet: All The King's Men is definitely a popular one-- lots of folks tweeting it.
--'ed by RicciNeer (got way more RSVP's than usual for the party: http://budurl.com/AIMEN)
Tweet: See you soon Dave! RT @davegonzalez TONITE is gonna be a good one-- got way more RSVP's than usual for the party: http://budurl.com/AIMEN
--'ed by infodiva (Was All About The Economy http://tinyurl.com/43q3zf)
Tweet: Tuesday's Presidential Debate--Yes THAT ONE--Was All About The Economy http://tinyurl.com/43q3zf
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