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++'ed by Lian (http://tinyurl.com/6973ta)
Tweet: デスクトップだと全然色違うのに、ノートPCだと同じ色に見える! Mac++ http://tinyurl.com/6973ta
--'ed by kana1
Tweet: スリープ関連の問題もあるし、Macに対する印象は悪くなる一方である。Mac--
--'ed by tonybgoode (>PC issues. Thanks!)
Tweet: Does anybody have the InfoOffice Bold font in TTF format? Mac-->PC issues. Thanks!
--'ed by jefftippett (one by one!)
Tweet: heading to the Apple store tonight to buy a MacBook for our controller. trying to get everyone on a Mac--one by one!
--'ed by johannesh (nsprogressindicator of)
Tweet: router infected mac--- nsprogressindicator of death---
++'ed by indigoprime
Tweet: Mac++ Steampunk++ Mac+Steampunk = SteamMacPunk? http://steampunkworkshop.com/daveveloz.shtml
--'ed by kazuho
Tweet: てか fdatasync がないなんて Mac--
--'ed by clompers (No, they do NOT play nice with windows file sharing)
Tweet: mac-- No, they do NOT play nice with windows file sharing
--'ed by clompers (Now my safari is broken)
Tweet: mac-- Now my safari is broken
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