"g" (who is also a user on Twitter) has been ++'ed 8 times and --'ed 4 times by a total of 12 people.
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--'ed by lostinfont (k+)
Tweet: B0 f- t+ w+ dc- g-- k+ s-- m e++ h- r
--'ed by RizzoTees (> http://tinyurl.com/cufudv)
Tweet: Runnin 3 "Props to my Tweeps" orders up to the post office. Thanks 4 ordering Tweeps! Check the shirt, G-------> http://tinyurl.com/cufudv
--'ed by muraii
Tweet: Waking at 4 a.m. has changed my energy cycle. Now, I find I'm g--
++'ed by KevinBongart (.)
Tweet: Kevin s'est fait vomir dessus par g++.
++'ed by random_oracle (の暗黙の定義に任せた方が良いか?自前で書いた方が良いか? ミ☆キラッ)
Tweet: g++の暗黙の定義に任せた方が良いか?自前で書いた方が良いか? ミ☆キラッ
++'ed by charlvn (not being installed, installing)
Tweet: ok plone complains about g++ not being installed, installing gcc-c++ and libstdc++-devel using yum
++'ed by iratqq (でやってもセグるだけだな>int y[x];)
Tweet: g++でやってもセグるだけだな>int y[x];
++'ed by paulwhit
Tweet: @dblanken I rebuilt it and googled the error messages; I think I had to install a new g++
++'ed by griffmiester (, andthe make install seems to be running fine now.)
Tweet: @raena AFAK. I had to apt-get gcc & g++, andthe make install seems to be running fine now.
++'ed by nyaxt (namespace.cpp -o namespace.cpp)
Tweet: g++ namespace.cpp -o namespace.cpp
++'ed by daisuke (観に行くニダ ++ *Tw*)
Tweet: ビアサロンで G++ 観に行くニダ ++ *Tw*
--'ed by aies (昨日退治した分。)
Tweet: G-- 昨日退治した分。
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