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++'ed by hotdogsladies (Would buy again.)
Tweet: For the record, @wilw and @donttrythis are both 100% surpassingly nice and funny men who light up a green room. A++ Would buy again.
--'ed by JustinRyan (hole)
Tweet: R/T @CandyTX: Sharing here by request: My #1 rule for clients. You can be disorganized, you can even be stupid, but you cannot be an a--hole
++'ed by qutequte (life-saving #video: http://su.pr/Aufu6H Blurry picture: http://su.pr/1iFdz8)
Tweet: I own these 2 DVD although I don't have #diabetes! A++ life-saving #video: http://su.pr/Aufu6H Blurry picture: http://su.pr/1iFdz8
++'ed by takano32 (My RSS 管理人ブログ http://tumblr.com/xk51jxfvo)
Tweet: Photo: iPhone からラジコンを操作してみる : a++ My RSS 管理人ブログ http://tumblr.com/xk51jxfvo
++'ed by torquemada (WILL USE AGAIN)
Tweet: omg hotel pool and hot tub. A++++ WILL USE AGAIN
++'ed by b52 (Will do business again!")
Tweet: I just left this as feedback for a few sellers on eBay: "If we were in prison, I'd protect you in the shower! A++ Will do business again!"
++'ed by chr0me (F f+ c)
Tweet: http://tc.marnanel.org T+ C+ A++ F f+ c TC++
++'ed by Mike_Wesely (-Mike keeps you locked in and learning how to use Twitter the easy way)
Tweet: RT @CatalinaYachtie: Great Show - awesome content - presentation A++ -Mike keeps you locked in and learning how to use Twitter the easy way
++'ed by termin (My RSS 管理人ブログ http://tinyurl.com/7rwc73)
Tweet: 東京ドーム北側の道路は休日路上駐車可能です : a++ My RSS 管理人ブログ http://tinyurl.com/7rwc73
--'ed by haikutwaiku (Will you celebrate?)
Tweet: It Is Haiku Day--In the Good Ol' U S A--Will you celebrate?
++'ed by forteller (-merket kjøleskap bruker 40 prosent mindre strøm enn et A-merket kjøleskap" Drøyt! http://bit.ly/1aG8Z3)
Tweet: Seriøst? "Et A++-merket kjøleskap bruker 40 prosent mindre strøm enn et A-merket kjøleskap" Drøyt! http://bit.ly/1aG8Z3
++'ed by KuraFire (Jon.)
Tweet: Oh, politics tweet: I teared up along with him when Jon Stewart could barely hold his tears announcing Obama as the next President. A++ Jon.
++'ed by b52 (to @tweetdeck!)
Tweet: I am liking the new tweetdeck. A+++ to @tweetdeck!
++'ed by strutting (would listen again.)
Tweet: That TV on the Radio show gets a real-life Favr from me. A+++ would listen again.
++'ed by jabancroft (, would buy again.)
Tweet: As a lover of words (they tickle the happy parts of my brain), I'm liking Wurdle (find words in a grid of letters). A+++, would buy again.
++'ed by iGrace (grade :D)
Tweet: Just received II's assignment copy. Got A++ grade :D
++'ed by Chris_Vendilli
Tweet: Just updated the blog with info regarding my first case study for Pro From Go. Check out "The Twitter Report" www.profromgo.com/blog A+++++
++'ed by jbroome (burgers and redstripe at client)
Tweet: A++ burgers and redstripe at client
++'ed by SarahCofer (for packaging. (It comes in a way cool box!))
Tweet: Opening the Kindle!! Amazon gets an A+++ for packaging. (It comes in a way cool box!)
++'ed by tsupo (My RSS 管理人ブログ")
Tweet: Bookmarked http://tinyurl.com/3k2btf - "英語版サービスをリリースする前に : a++ My RSS 管理人ブログ"
++'ed by jbroome
Tweet: Fosters a++
++'ed by cho45 (; a //=> 1 ってキモいよなぁ)
Tweet: ?js a = ""; a++; a //=> 1 ってキモいよなぁ
--'ed by infodiva (not talked about ... http://tinyurl.com/2f5m3o)
Tweet: What a beautiful glorious day it is in San Francisco. I'm in McLaren Park. McLaren Park is a--not talked about ... http://tinyurl.com/2f5m3o
++'ed by tsupo (My RSS 管理人ブログ")
Tweet: Bookmarked http://tinyurl.com/2qwkrw - "うちのサービスがニコニコ動画を抜いていたりするのですが… : a++ My RSS 管理人ブログ"
++'ed by xxdesmus (:))
Tweet: My dog is curled up on the couch with me in such a cute little ball of fur. My dog = A++ :)
++'ed by replore (;とかの操作ってアトミックじゃないんだよ>< だからatomic_t型なんてものがあるんだよ>< マルチプロセッサ環境だと問題が発生するからね)
Tweet: a++;とかの操作ってアトミックじゃないんだよ>< だからatomic_t型なんてものがあるんだよ>< マルチプロセッサ環境だと問題が発生するからね
++'ed by al3x
Tweet: "Okie Dokie It's the Orb on Kompakt" a++++
++'ed by EricaJoy (evening.)
Tweet: Curtis Mayfield and genealogy. I need to go get some champagne and grapes and I will be having an A+++ evening.
--'ed by lomo (owaranai!!)
Tweet: a--------------------owaranai!!
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